Ireland is Hiring Webinar Series

As part of our Ireland is Hiring campaign which was launched in 2018, FRS Recruitment created an Ireland is Hiring webinar series to share advice and information to Irish expats thinking about moving home. Moving home can be a daunting experience for many expats, especially for those who have lived abroad for many years and are unsure what to expect once they make the make the move home. With the surge in many expats moving home since the pandemic, we noticed a lot of similar queries from many Irish expats moving home, most of these were around the jobs market, the housing market, the cost of living and what they needed in order to make the move efficient. From these queries we created episodes we knew Irish expats wanted to hear about!

Episode 1: Tommy Walsh shares his experience moving back to Ireland 

Kerry football’s Tommy Walsh talks about his experience moving back to Ireland after his successful stint in Australia, sharing details about his transition both on and off the pitch. FRS Recruitment are proud partners of the GAAGO app, bringing live games to Irish all over the world.

Episode 2: Talent shortages and opportunities in Ireland

Hear from our business leaders on the opportunities and shortages here in Ireland across: Healthcare IT Manufacturing and Engineering Commercial Agriculture Temporary Learn about: Types of employers currently hiring Regions with the most opportunities Advice on when and how to apply for a role in Ireland Remote working opportunities

Episode 3: The cost of living and mortgage advice 

Derek Perill and Erin Whittle from FRS Recruitment is joined by Jean Creagh, Mobile Mortgage Manager for AIB, to discuss the cost of living in Ireland and advice for Irish expats on applying for a mortgage.

Episode 4: Preparation for your move home

Danielle and Richard from the Crosscare Migrant Project joined us to discuss the following: Eligibility for social welfare/family allowance/job seeker How to set up a PPS number for you and/or children Documents to bring with you from abroad; Registering for social housing / Housing Assistance Payment; Applying for medical card; Applying for schools for children, Visa requirements for spouses/partners

Episode 5: Ship it or Sell it?!

Kieran O'Hara from Palmers Relocations to discuss shipping and relocation services to Ireland. Palmers Relocations is based in Australia and provides shipping services to Irish expats globally.


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