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Ireland is Hiring 

In November 2018 the FRS Recruitment team headed 'down-under' to host information sessions for Irish people thinking of making the move home. These events provided an insight on the jobs market in Ireland along with practical advice and tips to support their move. In the space of a week the team met with nearly 1,000 Irish expats in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Since 2008 approximately 60.7k Irish emigrated to Australia and in 2018 the number of people returning had overtaken those emigrating for the first time in nine years. The Australia Road Show gave us a great insight into why more Irish people are starting to return home. For most people it was missing their family or friends, for others it was the increase in opportunities in Ireland and the demand for talented individuals. However, nearly all of them said they missed the craic and that nights out in Australia just weren't the same.

As many people left over ten years ago, they had no idea what to expect in Ireland and were surprised at the increase in opportunities outside of Dublin. After speaking with many talented Irish people who went on to develop excellent careers in Australia, it became apparent that Australia has given them the extra edge that employers are now looking for. 

FRS Recruitment were proud sponsors at the NSW and VIC hurling match at the Sydney Irish Festival. This gave us the opportunity to meet with many Irish people who were not yet thinking of moving home and give them insights into the current jobs market.

FRS Recruitment partnered up with Palmers Relocations and OFX who offered excellent advise to attendees on what was involved in moving home and the costs to do so.  

We are delighted to offer Irish Expats that we place in jobs free flights home. Click HERE for terms & conditions or Click HERE for our recent job vacancies. 



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