Moving To Ireland

Moving To Ireland?

Thinking about moving to or relocating back to Ireland? Of course you are! And why wouldn’t you when Ireland has so much to offer for everyone. Where else would you get the most beautiful tranquil scenery and country settings just minutes from a busy city centre? With culture and history like no other, the friendliest locals and of course their love for all things sport and ‘the craic’.

Moving country can be an exciting yet stressful at times, especially trying to organise everything from a different country. Therefore, FRS Recruitment have decided to come to you! No more waiting for reply’s or calling people at all hours of the night just to ask some simple questions.

Come along to our Australia or South Africa information events and chat to an experienced recruitment consultant who will be delighted to answer any queries you may have about the moving process and life in Ireland.


Have a read of the blogs we created to make help make your move all the more easier! 






For more information about our South Africa events please email [email protected]