Support Pharmacist

Job Overview

Support Pharmacist - Dublin 7

Large dynamic team. Strong community pharmacy presence in the area.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To operate the dispensary in accordance with all the legal responsibilities pertaining to the profession of pharmacy
    * To exercise all aspects of law, ethics and codes of practice as laid down by the Irish Pharmaceutical Society.
    * To provide a safe and efficient dispensing service to all customers in accordance with Company guidelines.
    * To ensure the safe and effective delivery of medicines to all customers
    * To interact with other health professionals
    * Active management of the Monthly submissions to Payment Boards
    * Pro-active management and follow-up of the claims rejected

    Knowledge and Experience required:
    * Must hold a PSI-approved Pharmacy Qualification and hold a license to practice in the Republic of Ireland
    * Three/four years experience as a Support Pharmacist
    * Ability to deal with high volume dispensing
    * Must have a good business acumen
    * Must be highly organised
    * Must be competent and able to work under pressure
    * Must have excellent interpersonal skills
    * Customer focused

Support Pharmacist, MP, SP, Community Pharmacist, Pharmacist

For more information, please contact Brian on 086 7773856

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