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Software Engineer-Cloud Engineer-Dublin City

As a Software Engineer on the Cloud Engineering team, you're on the front lines of our move to the cloud. Our team builds the Platform, a suite of bedrock network and security services that every group at our company uses to build and protect their products. The platform runs in AWS regions throughout the globe, using a mix of custom and open source software. We also serve as advisors for other engineering teams, helping them make better use of cloud technologies and practices. This gives you the opportunity to dig in deep and learn about other areas of the business outside our own, on a regular basis.

On any given day, you may be walking colleagues through the finer points of VPC design, or presenting a workshop on developing against our APIs. You might be adding DNSSEC support to our DNS service, automating TLS certificate validation across the entire network, or deploying our services to a new continent. Our challenges and our products are always evolving, which leaves little chance you'll ever get bored.


We are looking for people who are:

  • Proficient with several programming languages, at least one in {C/C++, Java, Go, Ruby, Python, Clojure, Scala}
  • Experienced with cloud platforms, either public or private
  • Patient and clear communicators
  • Engineering graduates with a degree in computer science, or equivalent experience
  • Available to travel, up to five weeks a year
  • Preferences
  • You'll be especially competitive if you have:
  • A background in security products or operations
  • In-depth knowledge of networking
  • ​Previous experience building globally-distributed applications

keywords:Software Engineer/Cloud Engineer/Software Developer//Java/C/C++/Python/Scala/Cloud/AWS

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