Senior Software Engineer (Backend)

Job Overview

Senior Software Engineer - Backend

Simplicity and Consistency are our main philosophies.

They build a suite of insurance products and one of the best AI-driven recommendation systems.

You will be working with the latest in modern Web technologies such as ECMAScript6, Typescript, Node, C#, Azure DevOps, and Azure resources.

What you will & will not be doing

You will have a QA to work with you so that you never have to be a Dev and a QA at the same time.

You DON'T have to write any stories, our BA will do that for you and yes, they know how to write stories with the right size so that your task won't become a nightmare and your PR won't become a monster.

We have a very refined SLCD process with almost zero overhead.

We have the DevOps process standardised already.

You don't have to be loud to be considered a good communicator. We value the outcome more than what you say.

All you need to do is to create with our predefined standard.

If you have a better idea, let us know, and we will support you with the best resources possible.

Remember, simplicity and consistency.


  • 5+ years of relevant software development experience.
  • Experience with Unit testing frameworks.
  • Experience with back-end language Nodejs
  • Experience with SQL databases such as PostgreSQL.
  • Skilled in delivering quality products using the latest Web technologies, with an ability to deliver in a wide range of environments, and learning to be productive quickly, even with unfamiliar tools/technologies.

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