Mixing Production Operator

Job Overview


  • Working as part of the Panel//Volvo Diver/Premix team to reduce / eliminate downtime, assisting each other for the benefit of all.
  • Running the Provender and Molassed panel when requested.
  • Working closely with the Operations Manager to agree daily production schedule and output
  • Alert Operations Supervisor of any downtime
  • Ensuring that the system is clean before making Minerals
  • Filling out Lot numbers on the Panel Sheets, completing downtime reports and cleaning sheets and transfer of all material and finished product made on the computer system at the end of the day
  • Must notify the Quality Manager and or the operations Manager if there is a problem with the quality of the product (a lot can be detected visually) or with the weights
  • Work as a team at all times with management and other employees
  • Turning off all equipment when the shift is over
  • Prioritise Health and Safety at all times
  • Keep the panel areas clean and tidy
  • Hand weighing and tipping raw materials as per the bill of materials
  • Following standard operating procedures as laid out in the UFAS feed assurance scheme
  • Ensuring the panel raw material bins are kept topped up in conjunction with the Volvo Driver
  • Taking off min-bulk, labeling, and sampling same. Transfer and storage of block premix in the block premix area in an organized fashion.
  • Completing all details on the packer sheet for the mini bulk including reasons for downtime and problems
  • Check to make ensure the panel forklift has diesel and maintained in good condition. Must report any faults e.g. brakes or oil leaks to the operations Manager or the safety co-ordinator

Qualification & Education Requirements

Standard Leaving Cert. education with some manufacturing or mixing experience.

Key Skills & Core Competencies

Person with the ability to work in an organized fashion, a self-starter and motivated to ensure that products available for dispatch in a timely manner

Additional Information:

Due to the seasonality of the business it is expected that holidays to be taken in so far as possible in the off peak time (April to August). Due to the seasonality of the business the company will require flexibility in the hours of work during the busy period.

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