Maintenance Technician

Job Overview

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Perform preventative and reactive maintenance procedures
  • Troubleshoot and repair breakdowns / issues with a variety of production equipment.
  • Work with department supervisors to resolve machine issues in a timely fashion.
  • Carrying out and document preventative maintenance checks on process equipment and utility equipment.
  • Responding to unplanned and emergency maintenance.
  • Assisting in maintaining adequate store of spare parts.
  • Assisting in project work through all departments.
  • Assisting in the control and supervision of contractors on site.
  • Maintaining and upgrading safety equipment and mechanisms.
  • Documentation - all maintenance carried out to be recorded accurately and to be filed neatly.

Qualifications and experience:
* Cert / Diploma/ Senior trades in Electrical / Mechanical Engineering.
* 3 - 5 years experience in a similar role in a production facility
* Mechanical experience with motors, gearboxes, chain drives, conveyors, cranes.
* Knowledge of PLC's, variable speed drives, pneumatic and Hydraulic systems
* Good troubleshooting & problem solving skills.
* Good communicator
* Team player

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