Laboratory Attendant - Limerick

Job Overview

The role of the Laboratory Attendant includes providing general support services within the Regional Veterinary Laboratory across a wide range of functions, but will also include specialised work such as receiving and, in some cases, preparing certain samples, and the handling and disposal of carcases in the post mortem rooms.

The general duties include:

  • Ensuring traceability and assisting colleagues by carrying out tasks such as labelling, distribution and transport within and external to the laboratory, sorting and delivering post, including posted samples as appropriate to the role.
  • Ensuring safe and biosecure working areas and practices by cleaning and disinfection, waste management of general and clinical waste. This includes the operation of autoclave systems to dispose of waste or to facilitate transfer of materials in and out of containment, and maintenance of records of these systems where required.
  • Ensuring availability and use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Carrying out activities in compliance with regulations including Health and Safety and the transport of laboratory materials where required.
  • Responsibility for the glassware washing and sterilisation regime within the laboratory and supporting a laundry service via collection and return of laundry within the laboratory.
  • Opening and closing the laboratory facilities.
  • Operation of laboratory equipment and machinery as appropriate to the role.
  • General laboratory housekeeping, filing, managing logistics, and monitoring of equipment.
  • Assisting with on- or off-campus collection and handling of carcasses or samples.
  • Monitoring of stores, stocks and equipment including exotic disease investigation kits.
  • Assisting pathologists in conducting post-mortem examinations, receiving, storing and preparing animal carcasses for post mortem examination including dissection and sampling of carcasses under supervision.
  • Meeting farmers and other animal owners and assisting with off-loading of animal carcases.
  • Operation of post-mortem equipment and machinery as appropriate to the role.

Must Hold:

Full Clean Drivers Licence

Salary :

€11.50 P/HR

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