Irish Exchange

Job Overview

We are inviting applications from Australia and New Zealand that are interested in starting their Irish adventure with FRS Farm Service. Candidate's aged between 18-35 & eligible for an Irish working holiday visa we want to hear from you!

FRS Farm services work with a wide range of farming clients in the provision of services to support the diverse range work on Irish farms.

These Farms are mainly dairy but there are many other opportunities with clients in the Beef, Sheep and Equine Industry.

Our Dairy clients range from medium to large scale farms with herd sizes 75 to 300 cows in various locations around Ireland. There are some opportunities for mixed farming operations where a farm supports two systems.

FRS have been successfully delivering for Irish Farmers for over 40 years, and take pride in high standards and the professionalism of our staff in the provision of services on the farm

Annual Salary, Circa $43,000

Accommodation, Arranged.

Duration, 6 -12 Months

Person Profile

  • These opportunities are open to candidates that have a great attitude willing to learn and genuinely would like to develop their skills and contribute in a positive way to the farm that they work on.
  • Have some skills and have worked for a period on a farm or come from a farming background and developed skills naturally.
  • Love outdoor and farming life

The Role

  • Candidates will work with the Client Farmer on their farm.
  • The duties and expectations of the role will be agreed in advance.
  • Typical duties will vary From Farm Type ie Dairy, Sheep, Beef, Equine.

Farm Worker - Duties

Dairy or Mixed Farm opportunities generally include the following

  • Following schedule of work as defined by the Farmer
  • Daily Milking Morning and evening
  • Working through the busy calving/lambing season and related work
  • Feed & Grassland management
  • Dealing with Animal Health and welfare
  • Contributing to the upkeep of the farm
  • Working with Machinery , primarily Tractor/Quad work depending of farm.
  • Adhering to regulation and compliance on the farm
  • Being fully aware and taking a responsible approach to Health and safety on the farm.

We are interested in hearing from candidates that are highly skilled and those with skills that they want to develop, support and training available

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