Hardware Design Engineer

Job Overview

The Hardware / Electronic Design Engineer will have hardware design experience and at least 5 years product design experience. The Hardware / Electronic Design Engineer will have experience with embedded microprocessors and the development of analog and digital circuits. The Electronic / Hardware Design Engineer will initiate concept roll-out and develop product to completion.

Key Experience

  • Relevant Degree
  • 5 years plus experience with embedded software experience including C programming
  • An excellent communicator
  • Electronic standards familiarity
  • Experience with in a Lead / Project Manager
  • Digital and analog circuit design, simulation and analysis
  • Assembler embedded system programming
  • BST (Boundary scan testing)

Keywords: PCB / Hardware Design / Electronic Design / Microprocessors / Microcontrollers / BST / Boundary Scan Testing / Analog / Digital Circuits / Assembler Embedded Systems / Assembly Programming / Regulators / Schematic capture

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