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Engineering graduate opportunity! Are you a recent mechanical, electrical, mechatronic engineering graduate (level 6,7,8)? Are you looking to try out your new found independence? Tired of living at home? Tired of high car insurance costs? Tired of same old same old???? Do you need a career kick start?
I have several engineering graduate opportunities for clients in The Netherlands. These graduate opportunities would suit you if you are wanting to get started working using your engineering degree, get some HANDS ON industry experience and be exposed to world class manufacturing facilities.
Meet Tim - graduated in with a mechanical engineering degree from Dublin University and had a yearning to travel, explore, meet new people, expand his mind and friend group - he started working as a maintenance technician with my client in Holland, and after 3 years he has been promoted, offered an opportunity to study further and is loving life in The Netherlands. He comes home to Cork often, flights are cheap and cheerful, he never missed a mate's celebration or family gathering.
This could be you!
Take a chance to change your future!
If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity please apply today and I will contact you to discuss this further.
The process is easy, apply, I phone you, I put your cv forward, the client does a zoom call, you get a job offer, they pay for your flight, meet you at the airport, put you up in a BnB while they help you find accommodation, help you set up your bank account, get a Dutch PPSN, get insurance and OFF YOU GO!!
Dont delay - today is your day!
PS - Parents if you want your offspring off your couch earning to repay the car loan debt - get him to apply!
Please note - you need to be an EU passport holder to apply for the engineering graduate vacancy.
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