Front-End Engineer

Job Overview


  • Designing, implementing, testing, and developing the web-based applications in a JEE (Apache Tomcat / Oracle JDK) environment
  • Communication with internal and client IT/Business personnel, analysis of client requirements, development of product functionality
  • Designing and implementing efficient Javascript framework (jQuery/Angular) based applications
  • Knowledge of JDBC/SQL.
  • Working in a small dynamic team guiding your software from design, through implementation, into a production client environment
  • Using development and project management tools efficiently

Required Skills & Experience

  • 7+ years of experience building enterprise-level web applications
  • 4+ years of experience working with modern web front-end technologies
  • Strong Core and Advanced Javascript, jQuery/Angular, CSS, HTML
  • Core Java

Desired technical skills

  • IOC/DI, object-oriented programming and design;
  • REST/JSON, JSP/Servlets, JEE, JDBC
  • SQL (in a commercial RDBMS such as Sybase, SQL Server, or Oracle)
  • Effective use of Eclipse (or similar IDE)
  • Understand and have practical experience in web application security (OWASP)
  • Sybase or SQL Server (coding stored procedures and triggers with T-SQL)
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Windows batch programming
  • Visual Basic or C# in a .NET/Visual Studio environment
  • Fundamentals of TCP/IP, local area networks, routing, firewalls, etc.

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