Embedded Software Engineer

Job Overview

As an Embedded Applications Developer you will be responsible for enabling Linux to run on new embedded systems. Distros will include Ubuntu, Debian and Yocto. You will also develop applications to run on these systems.

Your role

  • Modify linux distros to support new processors and peripherals
  • Develop applications that run on embedded linux systems, usually to do with data acquisition and control systems
  • Work closely with key customers to understand requirements pertaining to features and deployment

Some skills you will have

  • Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or a similar discipline.
  • Strong experience in the design and development of software through all stages of the SDLC
  • Strong understanding of electronics and computer architecture fundamentals, e.g. microprocessors (ARM, x86), I/O chipsets, memories, digital buses and I/O interfaces.
  • Good appreciation for automation and control protocols like MODBUS and Bacnet
  • Strong C coding experience for embedded software solutions.
  • Run-time debugging, performance profiling and performance optimisation of code.
  • Experience in networking protocols, e.g. TCP/IP, UDP and Ethernet

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