DevOps Engineer

Job Overview

The DevOps Engineer will automate, monitor and lead their software pipeline and process. The DevOps Engineer will support the Junior DevOps Engineers providing support at enterprise level. The DevOps Engineer will work on multiple products monitoring and debugging user issues.

Key Responsibilities

  • Log, prioritise and deal with various customer issues
  • Enhance delivery and deal with issues in software through continuous integration and testing
  • Build, automate and release software
  • Application process monitoring
  • Enhancing end-user experience
  • Mentoring and training Junior DevOps Engineers

Key Requirements

Experience with Linux and JVM

Ability to write SQL queries

Have initiative and be a problem-solver

Committed to maintaining high service level

Ability to work in a cross-functional team

Keywords: Linux / JVM / Restful API / Spring-Boot / MySQL / MongoDB / Redis / DevOps / Build, Test, Release / Scripting / Gradle / Docker

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