Devops Engineer

Job Overview

Sr. DevOps Engineer is a critical position for our company as you'll be responsible for the building, automating and supporting the servers and services.


  • Produce quality, testable and maintainable systems
  • Design and maintain monitoring and alerting for global distributed systems
  • Develop CI/CD pipelines for pushing code into production
  • Propose and discuss the merits of infrastructure options
  • Collaborate with development and operations team members


  • Working knowledge of ephemeral infrastructure, horizontal scaling, self-healing architectures, service discovery, logging, monitoring and alerting
  • Commercial software development;
  • Build and deployment to Private or Public Cloud
  • Proven engineering experience in network/systems solutions design and build.
  • Ability to work with and switch between multiple languages. We use Python, Powershell or Bash.
  • Experience with automated deployment of operating systems / virtual machines.
  • Experience with cloud providers and building automation around their APIs
  • Competent with Ansible, Salt, Chef or Puppet

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