Data Analyst

Job Overview

The Data Analyst will specialise in reporting and delivering performance metrics. They will be data driven and focus on on-demand analytics and reporting. Experience within a supply chain department would be ideal with a strong understanding of data analytics.

This opportunity requires:

  • A Bachelor's Degree in IT, Computer Science or related
  • Over 3 years experience as a Data or Reporting Analyst
  • Strong Microsoft skills particularly with PowerPivot and PowerBI
  • Data warehouse reporting experience
  • Oracle ERP data management experience

Main responsibilities:

  • Supply chain data visualisation
  • Data mining, cleansing and modelling
  • Interpretation of complex data-sets, predictive data analytics
  • Presenting data and providing key business reports

Keywords: Data Visualisation / Supply Chain Data Analytics / Reporting Analyst / Data Analyst / On-demand Analytics / Quality and Delivery Performance metrics / PowerPivot / PowerBI / Oracle OBIEE / Oracle ERP

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