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Are you a CNC machinist who is looking to broaden your experience and have a bit of an adventure?
Are you tired of the high rental prices in Ireland (or living at home with the parents?) and exorbitant car insurance costs?
We have 2 excellent CNC jobs abroad, that offers experience, adventure and a whole lot more!
Our client, based in the South East Netherlands (close to the German border) requires a CNC miller and a CNC turner for their state of the art semi conductor production facility.
You will have a formal/trade qualification coupled with experience as a CNC miller in precision mechanical machining.
For the CNC turner job - you will have a formal qualification coupled with experience as a CNC turner.
Do you have experience working with Siemens and Fanuc machines?
Do you have experience with working with drawings and specifications?
Can you program and set the machines yourself?
If you would like to hear more about these opportunities, please send your cv today and I will contact you to discuss this further.
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