Clinical Engineering Technician

Job Overview

The Clinical Engineering Technician is responsible for carrying out the following duties

Specific Responsibilities:

  • To provide service/repair and quality assurance of any Aids and Appliances/Medical Equipment in workshops or at the point of equipment use
  • To provide routine service, calibration, performance testing and electrical safety testing of any Aids and Appliances/Medical Equipment
  • To provide acceptance testing and associated record keeping of new and recycled equipment
  • To provide assessment and assistance in equipment fault investigations.
  • To maintain and develop specialised expertise within the clinical engineering field
  • To ensure all service and repairs are carried out in a fashion that complies with equipment manufacturer's recommendation and accepted best practice
  • Carry out all work and duties in a manner that reflects optimum safety/assurance for patients and staff
  • Prepare and maintain all necessary documentation, records and reports relating to duties performed, and department performance as required by the Aids and Appliances Manager/Principal Clinical Engineering Technician
  • Provide advice relating to equipment procurement, service and disposal
  • Contribute to development of risk-benefit analysis before finalising the specification for procurement of any maintenance and repair services.
  • If required by the Principal Clinical Engineering Technician, be a member of the Medical Device / Equipment Management Committee
  • Assist in development and maintaining the CHOs Medical Device Equipment Management Policy in conjunction with the Aids and Appliances Manager
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of the systems required to effectively and safely manage medical devices/equipment
  • Carry out an on-going programme of monitoring to provide assurance in relation to the effectiveness of the systems in place for the safe management of medical devices/equipment in conjunction with the Aids and Appliances Manager
  • To be aware and advise on the compliance requirements of relevant legislation
  • To provide guidance to managers and employees with regard to the implementation of best practice guidance
  • Provide assurance to the Management Team/Principal Clinical Engineering Technician in relation to the Management of medical device equipment
  • Assist the Aids and Appliances Manager/Principal Clinical Engineering Technician in directing contractual arrangements with maintenance/repair service providers
  • Assist the Aids and Appliances Manager In acquiring equipment; managing SLAs, technical support, maintenance and repair systems, and timescales
  • To ensure optimum management of equipment selection, utilisation and associated technical support in conjunction with other disciplines
  • To pro-actively contribute to the strategic and operational development of the Aids and Appliances Department
  • Carry out other administrative duties from time to time as may be required
  • Ensure that all safety requirements, statutory and recommended are met to provide the safest environment for clients, staff and others associated with the operation, control and application of Aids and Appliances equipment
  • Ensure that a stock of necessary spare parts for the support of Aids and Appliances equipment is developed and maintained
  • Agree and manage planned preventative maintenance schedules
  • Liaise with and supervise external service contractors as necessary to yield the required level of service as required
  • Provide other equipment support functions which may be delegated to the post

Skills, Competencies

  • Display evidence based technical knowledge and quality focus in making decisions regarding equipment support management
  • Demonstrate evidence of effective planning and organising skills including awareness of resource management and importance of efficiency and value for money
  • Demonstrate ability to manage deadlines and effectively handle multiple tasks
  • Demonstrate a focus on quality and efficiency
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills including: the ability to present information in a clear and concise manner; the ability to give constructive feedback to encourage development

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