C# .Net Software Tester - who saves lives..

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Are you an experienced software tester to a greater or lesser extent re experience and interested in using your powers for good, not just to help make rich people even more rich? Do you enjoy problem solving, delving into issues and working as an integral part of a project team with really intelligent people including incredibly diverse functions, from developer and testers to biochemists and physicsts? Or have you always wanted to do that - but never had the chance before?!?! If so - YAY! Today is your lucky day!!!! :D

This is not your normal software test role, working for a bank or insurance company, or an ecommerce site. This role is based in one of Europe's premier Medical Research centres, working with huge investigatory machines so if you've always been interested in science and just went a different route into software - this could be a match made in heaven! These machines help scientists and clinicians worldwide in furthering research and improving diagnosis skills - yes I was serious about the lifesaving! There is one machine, and empirical data shows that people who are diagnosed with cancer, using this machine, have a better outcome than those diagnosed without it - there are people alive today due to the skills of the programmers and testers who developed this software in the first place! (and OK, the engineers and scientists too...:))

If you have at least 2 years experience, working as software test (mainly manual but some automation would also be excellent!) in a formal SDLC environment, and you have worked within this tech stack - let me know! We have roles at varying levels, so don't think you are too junior or too senior!

If you are interested, give me a call asap!! We're under time pressure here :) Start date is 1st of April - no joke!

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