C# .Net Developer who saves lives..

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Do you have the right personality and mindset, to go along with your C# development skills, to get this pretty unusual opportunity to save peoples lives through programming? Also, learn a lot, have no uncertainty as to your contract status for at least 12 months, if not 24 months, and work within a team of really intelligent, hard working problem solvers??

If so - YAY! :D This is a long term commitment because the learning curve is huge - if the idea of that interests you by itself, you should really keep reading.

This is not your normal C# development role, working for a bank or insurance company, or even website. This is based in one of Europe's premier Medical Research centres, working with huge investigatory machines so if you originally did Physics or Maths and cross trained into software development - this could bring all your skills together in one place! These machines help scientists and clinicians worldwide in furthering research and improving diagnosis skills - yes I was serious about the lifesaving! There is one machine, and empirical data shows that people who are diagnosed with cancer, using this machine, have a better outcome than those diagnosed without it - there are people alive today due to the skills of the programmers (and OK, the engineers and scientists too!) who went before you.

If you are interested, give me a call asap!! We're under time pressure here :)

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