Blood type C# .Net needed urgently to Save Lives!!!

Job Overview

Does C# run in your blood? Have you spent the last number of years delivering beautifully designed, elegant coding, which will make rich people even richer, knowing it will be dumped and replaced by a newer version in less than 2 years - and the only end deliverable is someone, somewhere adds another zero to their net worth? Is this enough for you? Is that what you want your working life to be? When you retire, (hopefully with a good pension) will you be proud of what you achieved??

I'm not going to say that my role is "RockStarFABulousBleedingEdge!!11!!" But - I can guarantee you will be proud of what you deliver.

Imagine a large room - with a suite of microbiology machines. Each with a specific function. Some to check for what bugs, some to check what works against the bugs, everything from viruses to bacterium, and a fleet of people moving samples from one machine to another, running tests, getting the data, lifting the sample and taking it to a different machine. Keeping track of which slide went where - and what the results would be. This system, designed initially in the 70's is still in use all round the world today, running tests and identifying what people are sick with, and what best to use to cure them.

Now imagine the future. One large system. All machines connected and interconnected. Samples go in one side of the machine - one person loads. And the system decides which paths through the machines the samples can take. 100's, 1000's of tests, being conducted automatically. Samples physically moving along tracks from one machine to another and to another - based on the results the system gets from the initial interaction. System sending out the data as to each sample, each tests, incubations, inoculations, antibiotics, and keeping track of it all - No confusion, no manual record keeping, the system manages it all. And we need YOU to help deliver this system.

Front end: Angular 8+ , Back end: SQL, Middle C#, .Net core. Version control and tracking: Github.

Perm roles - different levels of seniority needed to fit the team. Remote working for next 6 months most likely, on site would be roughly once a month after that unless something else requires you to be there for a specific reason. Great work environment - amazing how positive people can be when they are proud of what they are working on 😊 Very people centric, huge opportunity for growth, and.. good people. I should know, I've placed a lot of them! 😉

So. Now you have the information to know. Is this right for you? Do you want to be part of the solution? Would you like to be part of next gen medical care, and to KNOW, that because of YOUR CODE - people will live who otherwise would not. And your code… will be running for years and years and years 😊

Contact me anyway that works for you, phone, email, apply here, IPoAC, whatever. Just contact me soon!

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