Account Executive

Job Overview

Field-based Sales/Account Executive required for a unique position with a reputable Irish specialist company. This is a fantastic opportunity, for a motivated, customer focused individual seeking to establish a career within B2B Health & Safety not specific to one Industry.

Full- time, permanent role.

General Responsibilities

  • Being professional and representing the Company in the best light at all times
  • Keeping confidential all Company matters and details that the role will involve awareness of
  • Meeting agreed annual targets for the role (weekly/ monthly KPIs)
  • Reporting directly to the GM
  • Supporting & contributing to team development
  • Managing client interaction; long-term professional relationships through Account Management
  • Supporting clients on their journey towards positive Safety Culture by introducing further services & solutions as appropriate

Detailed Responsibilities

Taking Responsibility

  • Completing assignments in thorough, accurate and timely manner that achieves expected outcomes
  • Being accountable for quality & accuracy of own work
  • Taking full ownership for own work, being cognisant of the nature of the work we do and potential legal ramifications
  • Taking ownership for personal planning, organisation and time management, per schedule
  • Completing scheduled appointments in professional & timely manner
  • Fully completing documentation/ uploads/ records per appointment
  • Delivering to /removing from office any materials, documents, reports per requirements
  • Considering overall goals/ needs of the H&S team and others that depend on own optimum delivery of role
  • Handling multiple responsibilities in an effective manner
  • Using work time productively
  • Complying with/ completing work records within Dynamics

Attention to detail

  • Performing tasks with care, being thorough
  • Performing tasks to agreed and expected standard (follow instructions/ SOPs)
  • Reviewing finished work against what is expected, to ensure accuracy and completeness

Problem Solving

  • Breaking down a problem; considering the options before suggesting/ implementing the solution
  • Using initiative to resolve identified issues
  • Contributing to projects, product development, development of standards & SOPs, continuous improvement opportunities as they arise 

Collaboration/ Teamwork

  • Working with colleagues to get the job done; maintaining effective work relationships with various department
  • Being a contributor at Shared Learning sessions
  • Returning calls, e-mails and messages in a timely manner to colleagues and Clients
  • Maintaining Operations Tracker/ Account Management Tracker & other trackers as required 


  • Demonstrating effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Highlighting concerns, issues, feedback, insight in advance to prevent problems arising
  • Ensuring regular contact/communication with Manager/colleagues (managing remote nature of role effectively by staying in touch)Taking responsibility for own upskilling/ learning/ continuing professional development; making Manager aware when support is required

Account Management/ Client Relation

    • Ensuring adequate service & quality provision to all Clients:
    • Actively promoting use of the system so that standards improve over time
    • Establishing positive relationships with key people in Client Accounts- Group/ Site Owners; Site Managers; System Champions
    • Becoming familiar with Clients/ progress: regularly reviewing activity on Portal, connecting via email, mobile calls, WhatsApp groups, meetings etc.

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