Turas Nua Case Study

The Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection awarded FRS Recruitment a large and complex contract to establish and run their Job Path programme in Southern Ireland.

Over 40,000 people have been placed to date via this programme.


Job-Path is an employment activation scheme which caters mainly for people who are long-term unemployed (over 12 months) to assist them in securing and sustaining full-time employment. The Dept. of Employment Affairs & Social Protection required an organisation to fully outsource their Job-Path programme. FRS Recruitment established a separate sister company – Turas Nua, to deliver this service.

The Challenge

In order to deal with unemployment levels of 9% in 2016, the DSP needed an organisation that could open 60+ new offices, hire and manage all staff and provide all resources to service and place the high volume of job-seekers on the live register. Many of these office locations are rural and require highly skilled experts in each office.  Time-frames would be tight as most locations would require innovative recruitment campaigns to source great candidates. The outsourced organisation would need to deliver highly ambitious targets to get the country back to work over the coming years.

Goals To Be Achieved

FRS Recruitment in partnership with Working Links would develop a people strategy which involves the recruitment and management of more than 330 staff, placing them into a newly established business; Turas Nua. Every role would need to be filled by FRS Recruitment, including the  Senior Management Team and all operational employees in IT Support, Call Centres, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, HR, Recruitment, Training Business Analysis, Project Management & Facilities. Roles would need to be filled on time and within fixed budgets.

The Results

FRS Recruitment recruited 330 people within 18 months, this was a 100% on time and within budget recruitment project for Turas Nua. Turas Nua has placed over 40,000 long-term unemployed people into long-term jobs since 2016. Unemployment levels dropped to 4.9% by December 2019.

From 2017 to present date (2020) FRS Recruitment continues to hire all personnel required to maintain and grow the operation whilst constantly improving HR Practices and Retention Rates at Turas Nua. Due to quality of staff and structures in place Turas Nua’s attrition rates improved from a high of 19% to just 8% as of today.


Colin Scott, Senior Manager, Working Links & Turas Nua

"FRS Recruitment provided and continues to provide outstanding staffing results. The enormous success of Turas Nua, has largely been built on the quality of staff provided by our partners at FRS Recruitment.  Their market expertise, nationwide office locations and their large teams of recruiters across technical and not technical recruitment meant Turas Nua could rely on just one partner, to deliver  all of our staffing needs. A truly remarkable achievement! Well done to all at FRS Recruitment."

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