Sales & Marketing


A Global Manufacturer of medical device products based in Munster required an International Sales Manager to develop a Sales Pipeline throughout Europe (of Sales Channels and Distribution Partners for their niche product).


Our seasoned local Sales Recruiter met with our client to discuss the core responsibilities of the sales role and to fully understand the product and customer base being sold to. A time frame of 6 weeks and a strategy was agreed as we partnered exclusively with our client to fill their most difficult vacancy. An attractive job description was put together to best promote this role.


Our Search campaign consisted of extensive sourcing of candidates from our internal database (120,000+ candidates) across Ireland to identify a fit on paper. Also an extensive advertising campaign was carried out across 12 major job-boards in Ireland and the UK, along with social media networking to ensure we had the best pool of candidates to interview and assess.

Screen & Vetting:

As this was a Senior Sales Role with international experience required, we screened a high volume of candidates to whittle it down to a small number of exceptionally strong sales people. Through reference checks (to prove sales track record) and a rigorous interviewing process we were able to identify candidates that could sell the product and identify with the end customer.


Our client met with the 4 candidates we recommended for final interviews. Feedback on all 4 candidates was excellent and our client had a hard choice to whittle it down to just 1, which he did at final stage interview.  


Within a couple of months starting the new role, feedback from both the employer and new employee was excellent and targets were being exceeded, Job done!