Information on the Retail Space

The retail sector is one of the most important parts of the Irish economy with over 10% of workers employed in Ireland working in the sector , it is the largest employment group within the services sector.

Employment market: From boom to bust, to boom?

After the biggest boom Ireland had ever experienced, by 2007 Ireland was at the height of its economic boom, most industries including retail were thriving and emigration was at an all time low. However at the end of 2008 Ireland suffered from a deep recession and the domestic market was struggling to cope with loss of public spending power.

By 2013 there was a real upward shift in the domestic market and a game of catch up had commenced to fall in line with Ireland’s thriving high tech sectors. By 2014 there was a massive 49% increase in jobs coming onto the market in comparison to 2013. As the market now goes from strength to strength, experienced candidates are again in high demand, across most sectors including retail.

The future looks bright for retail as consumer confidence returns resulting in many of the world’s biggest retail brands starting to set up flag ship stores in Dublin , Cork and Galway. The perennial question of high street versus “out of town” continues to be a hot topic for debate.

Some very good websites to keep up to speed with retail in Ireland and a source of good information on trends and courses include ;

Retail Excellence Ireland

Retail Ireland

Retail News

Employment Gaps on your CV, the right approach

Whether it be travelling around Australia, climbing the mountains of Fiji or just finding it difficult to gain employment, we all have certain gaps on our CV. It is important that you are able to explain these gaps in an honest and accurate way to employers.

Gaps in the CV can raise alarm bells for employers so it is imperative to fill in all blank spots when creating your CV. Hiring managers and recruiters included, we want to see what you were doing and how you up scaled or developed as a person while out of work. If you were attending college, taking a course, volunteering or perhaps travelling, you need to establish that on your CV.

Travelling abroad has become very popular in recent years due to the down turn in the economy. As the market is turning around again many people are returning to Ireland. People feel their years abroad will stand against them on their CV. However, travelling can be seen as a great way for candidates to experience new cultures and gain a great sense of independence.

Honesty on your CV is genuinely the best policy. Know where your weaknesses are and be able to strengthen them with pre-interview preparation.