Information on ICT

“If we had 50 experienced Java & .net developers available to work in Ireland right now, we could place them all in a heartbeat”

The ICT market in Ireland is Booming! With a significant shortage of talented developers particularly at the mid-level circa 3-5 years, we are going to countries such as Poland, Russia, Brazil, India & others to fill these consistent needs. Even good recent graduates with limited software development experience are in short supply and for those who have emigrated in recent years, it's now a great time to return to Ireland where you can work some of the best known companies in the world. Ireland is home to 9 out of the top 10 Global ICT Companies

Tips to enhance your employment prospects in ICT sector

  • Ideally complete a 4 year degree in an ICT Discipline or upskill to Masters Degree level
  • Take on an internship / training role (get the experience, build your career, get paid later)
  • Explore all training courses on offer from current employer / government agencies

We would encourage all candidates to ensure that they undertake as many college and personal development projects as possible and ensure that they are included on your CV along with published apps

Technical Tests:

Employers are more frequently including technical tests in their recruitment process in order to assess and gauge the candidate’s depth of technical ability. We would continue to encourage this to be part of the process as:

a) It gives the candidate a taste of the depth of technical ability needed if they were to get the job.

b) It gives the employer a clearer understanding of the depth of the candidate’s technical knowledge to assess if they are suitable for the role.

c) By testing a variety of technical skills, employers may see other areas within the organisation that the candidate may be a better fit for. .

2016 Forecast:

There will be greater demand than ever before for .net,, Java and various applications developers, software automated testers, data and security professionals. We work with the best companies in Ireland and will need more candidates applying from overseas to meet theses demands. Our ICT Recruitment team is here to help, feel free to contact us at any time.