Information on Banking in Ireland

Banks, building societies, credit unions and the post office offer different accounts.

To open a bank account in Ireland you must have:

  • 1 – 2 forms of photo identification and
  • Proof of address in Ireland
  • PPS number
  • A valid passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • Age Card issued by the Gardaí
  • An identification form with a photograph signed by a member of An Garda Síochána
  • Documents issued by Government departments showing your name.
  • A recent utility bill (for example electricity or telephone bill)
  • A statement from the tax office
  • A current car or home insurance policy that shows your address
  • A document issued by a Government department that shows your address
  • A social insurance document that shows your address
  • A letter from your employer or licensed employment agency stating that you started work but cannot yet provide evidence of your Irish address (you will have to provide evidence of your address at a later date).

You should be aware that you may experience initial difficulty in opening a bank account. Different banks have different rules.

There are a number of ways you can transfer money to other countries

Using a money transmitter (authorised by the Financial Regulator)

  • At a bank
  • At any post office branch
  • At some credit unions

The National Consumer Agency provides consumer information and education about the costs, risks and benefits of financial products. If you require further information, you should contact:

National Consumer Agency
4 Harcourt Road
Dublin 2
Lo-call: 1890 432 432

The Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) is a free and confidential service for people in Ireland with debt and money management problems. There are MABS offices all over Ireland, staffed by trained Money Advisers. Money Advisers will:

  • Help you deal with your debts and create a budget
  • Examine your income to make sure you are not missing out on any of your entitlements
  • Contact your creditors on your behalf with offers of payment if you are not able to do it yourself
  • Help you decide on the best way to make the payments

For details of your nearest MABS office go to or contact the MABS Helpline: 0761 07 2000.