Interview Tips


Job interviews can be considered a rite of passage. Everyone needs to go through a job interview at some stage if they want to make a living.

As nerve-wracking as they may be, a job interview is still the best method for a potential employee or employer to get to know each other and determine if they’re compatible. If the interview goes awry, there’s a good chance that the applicant may have done something that turned the recruiter away. Keep in mind that the professional world is a different social environment that is filled with its etiquette and rules. Here are some helpful tips for your future interviews:

  • Arrive Early – Make a great first impression by arriving for the job interview 10 minutes early. This will indicate that you’re greatly interested in the open position and also that you’re a very responsible person.

  • Dress Appropriately – Keep in mind that the first impression is everything for the recruiter/interviewer. Make sure that you’re properly dressed for the interview. Ensure that your outfit is conservative, pressed and clean. Don’t use too much cologne or perfume. For men, a cleanly shaven face and short haircut are greatly preferred. A tie and suit must be worn together with dark socks and shoes. Women need to wear a jacket or suit and avoid high-heeled or open-toed shoes. Be sure that your makeup, as well as nail colours, are conservative as well.

  • Bring the Appropriate Paperwork – Before leaving for the interview, you need to ensure that you have several copies of your CV, portfolio, transcript, and references with you. These papers should be left with the interviewers, so don’t bring the originals. It would also be a wise decision to bring a notepad and pen with you so you can write down the important questions or information you may have for the interviewer.

  • Be Professional – It’s crucial always to carry yourself in very professional manner. You should maintain your posture, speak appropriately, and have a firm handshake. Keep in mind that this isn’t a casual meeting with your friend, so be professional about everything.

  • Make Eye Contact – be sure to maintain good eye contact throughout the job interview. Poor eye contact indicates disinterest or lack of confidence.

  • Elaborate – Whenever the interviewer asks you a question, you have to elaborate your answer. Rather than just saying “Yes”, you should expand on your answer.

  • Ask Questions – At the end of the job interview, you’ll be given a chance to ask the interviewer some questions. It would be best if you have written some during the interview. Your potential employers may find it disappointing if you have nothing to ask them.

Job interviews can sometimes be a stressful process, but by using these helpful tips, it should make the entire process much lighter and easier. A little preparation will go a long way, so be sure to gather everything that you need and prepare ahead of time. If your first interview doesn’t work out, take note of what you could have done differently, to improve in future. Keep in mind that learning from mistakes is still the best method to grow.

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