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Handing In Your Resignation

So you’ve gotten that dream job? The next part of the process is not quite so exciting, you need to resign from your current role! For many people this can be the most stressful part of the whole job hunting process. How do you tell your current employer that you have had enough of working for them…

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New Year, New Career

New year, new career!

New Year, new career… 2018 is nearly over and for many the holiday season is in full swing. But, as 2019 looms some are already dreading heading back to a job you have long since fallen out of love with. You've hung on until December to claim that end-of-year bonus (if you are lucky enough to…

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Are Things Really Getting Better?

We are being told that the long-wished for ‘recovery’ is upon us. Is anything really happening? Is there anything to cheer about yet?  What is the view from this corner of the recruitment world? Clearly, I'm not an economist. Having said that, not many economists came up with much of interest before

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