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Create a powerful resume using action verbs

When writing a CV is important to pay attention to the wording you are using to represent the past work experience. By the correct use of action verbs, you can convey a sense of energy and movement to the skills and accomplishments listed on your CV and cover letter. Employers usually are seeking…

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How to Write a Great Cover Letter

A lot of job applicants don’t know how to write emails or cover letters and as a result, they fail to convert their applications to interviews. Having a well-written cover letter that can maintain the interest or grab the attention of the employer is considered a core job search skill. When applying…

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Making Your CV Stand Out

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or résumé is your ticket to an interview for the job you are applying for. Bearing this in mind, it is so important to make a good first impression and to make your CV stand out from the rest of the candidates. You can work on your CV to make it look more appealing to…

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How to write a successful CV

There are two different kinds of CVs - the first one being the Chronological CV, which lists your work experiences and qualifications in chronological order. Almost all CVs that people write for their job applications are of this type. The second one is the Skill-based CV, also called the Functional…

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Tips for the perfect Sales & Marketing CV

Great Sales People make Great Companies All businesses; product and service providers alike must hire great sales staff if they want to be the best at what they do. Sales people may come with many titles and roles within your organisation, but ultimately they drive the business forward through…

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