Changing Jobs


How to resign from your job

There are times that you will realise you just want to resign from your job but you do not know where to start. Turning into resignation is not easy. It is important that you consider some points before you file your resignation. You must also guarantee that you want to quit your job. Before you…

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How to Change Jobs Without Burning Bridges

Are you planning to quit o your job? Or, are you trying to look for a better position? Or, are you still searching for your perfect job? Regardless of what reason you have, you surely would not want to burn a bridge. Even if you are satisfied with your job, chances are, you will quit working at the…

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How to recover from a Layoff

After your layoff, for sure, you are thinking of recovering from it by looking for a new job. Despite the new challenges that may come to your way in seeking for jobs, learning how to recover faster from a layoff will help you in creating effective strategies for your job hunting. Your mind must be…

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