How to Change Jobs Without Burning Bridges


Are you planning to quit o your job? Or, are you trying to look for a better position? Or, are you still searching for your perfect job? Regardless of what reason you have, you surely would not want to burn a bridge.

Even if you are satisfied with your job, chances are, you will quit working at the company one day. Though it is a hard decision, especially if you have already built a strong relationship with your co-workers and close interaction with your boss, you still have to quit. For you to maintain a good reputation before leaving your job, you must follow certain steps on how you can avoid burning the bridges also to ensure a smooth career change.

Be prepared for a conversation

Expect that you and your manager will have a personal conversation about your issue in leaving the company. Prepare yourself for your point of view for resignation.

Practice the conversation

Practice your expected conversation with your manager. It will help you to express all your thoughts. Your manager will ask you on why you are going to leave. That is why through practice, you have the chance to use the proper words to use to avoid unwanted issues. Choose to use the appropriate tone of voice and phrasing.

Summarise your accomplishments

By sending your manager the accomplishments you have achieved during your stay in the company, it will remind him or her about the contributions you brought to the business. It will also serve as a good impression about you.

Express your gratitude

Regardless of the duration of your stay, it is the best idea to thank everyone. Expressing your gratitude to those you worked with will leave a positive outlook on you. Be honest about showing appreciation to your officemates. By doing so, you will mark an impression about good things and moments while you are working with them.

Suggest someone else for your replacement

To help them in filling the job vacancy, it is better to recommend a reliable replacement for you. It will help them adjust for the continuity of the company projects.

Send a formal resignation letter

Write a resignation letter containing positive contents and make it personal. The letter must be able to express how much you are grateful that you worked for the company and how much you enjoyed working with them. Show your appreciation for the growth you acquired and the learning you had. Never try to put any negative things on the letter as well.

Stay focused

Be always enthusiastic about your new career path and never lose your focus. Always put your hundred percentage of positivity to your goals.

Finish all your commitments with the company

As much as possible, before leaving the company, make sure that all your projects were already finished. If you cannot do so, try to inform the personnel who can handle your unfinished projects to avoid conflicts in the operations of the company.


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    Rely that is great article from my view to leave the company which you work and loyal to it long time without any comp lean from any negative things you faced in it because it will make reaction from his side will reflect in any relation with that company in the future .and no need to chert any body just leave in quite without any noisy because you already decide to quit.

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