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IT Contracting

IT Contracting in Ireland – What, Why, Where, How, and Who? IT Contracting: What is it? Instead of being a permanent employee, relying on your employer to pay your pension and holidays, IT contracting involves providing your essential services to a company as a freelancer, charging a rate per day or

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Free Flights Home From Australia Offer

We are offering free flights to Irish people in Australia to move back to Ireland to fill thousands of job vacancies. We have organised roadshows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to be held between November 8 and 13. Ireland currently has 12,000 IT job vacancies, more than 2,500 jobs in MedTech…

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Leona is a Talent Acquisition Manager with FRS Recruitment who was living in Perth Australia until she made the move home to Ireland in October 2018. Why did you decide to move to Ireland? The pull of family after 10 years away became too strong to ignore, missing out on the small things all of a…

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