How to recover from a Layoff

After your layoff, for sure, you are thinking of recovering from it by looking for a new job. Despite the new challenges that may come to your way in seeking for jobs, learning how to recover faster from a layoff will help you in creating effective strategies for your job hunting. Your mind must be…

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pay raise

Negotiating a Pay Rise

Pay raise can be very hard to get, sometimes a lot of them were not given because they were not asked for. Generally, people are too afraid to ask their bosses for a pay raise, even though they already think that they deserve to get one because they do not like to look selfish or have their managers

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Being Green at Work

The severe devastation of the planet cannot be linked to a single event or to a particular person but instead has resulted from several decades of neglect and misuse. So the means to fix our world's woes does not lie in the hands of just one man or a particular group or even a nation. It is up to…

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From Newbie to Master Make IT in Ireland

The IT sector of Ireland is thriving right now, with lots of new and attractive opportunities. It’s estimated that there are around 100,000+ jobs in the sector and new positions are opening every day. Ireland is fast becoming an IT hub, so highly skilled new roles will definitely be in great demand…

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