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Leona is the Head of Commercial for FRS Recruitment who was living in Perth Australia until she made the move home to Ireland in October 2018. 

  • Why did you decide to move to Ireland?

The pull of family after 10 years away became too strong to ignore, missing out on the small things all of a sudden mattered. When you find yourself listening to Talk To Joe on your iphone you know its time to make the move.

  •  Why did you decide to move to the county you are in?

Limerick is where my family is, there was no other option for me.

  •  What do you enjoy most about Ireland?

The people, I was home a day and I felt like I had never left!!! You cant get that feeling anywhere else in the world.

  •  What do you wish you knew before you moved home?

 I wish I had spent more time planning the proper stuff, not what I could buy in duty free, more like having all my paperwork in a row. It didn’t help just having 12 months of health/car/insurance history, I needed to show 6 years plus. Most people in Australia, like in Ireland shop around for the cheapest insurance quote each year, and its not even a thought to remember all the companies you have been with. This 100% caused me grief when I landed home.

  •  What advice would you give to someone moving to Ireland?

For me I was worried about work, when I left the economy was very different and this was still the perception in Australia. I was surprised to see how many career opportunities I had when I returned.  My advice would be don’t listen to second hand information.

  •  What was the best advice you got before moving over?

I wish I could have received more advise!!! There is loads of advice out there from relocation companies  in terms of physical shipping of personal belongings etc. but not so much advise out there in terms of what you need to do, for example with revenue, banking, tax implications, cost of living, housing etc.  These are all things I wish I had researched more in order to prepare for how I could  financially support myself in a different country after being away for so long!!!

  •  Did you research jobs before moving to Ireland?

I tried to do a bit before I returned however I found agencies hard to work with until I physically arrived in Ireland.

  • How long did it take you to get a job?

I arrived on Wed and I was offered a job on the Friday. I have been home 3 weeks and I already know I have made the right decision

  •  What did you miss most about Ireland? 

My family, my friends and of course the TEA…… the tea helps with the cold frosty mornings!!!


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