Moving to Ireland Stories

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Erin Whittle

Erin is a Project Manager with FRS Recruitment and is originally from Melbourne. She married an Irish man and decided Ireland was the perfect place to raise their family. Erin and her family moved over to set up home in 2017. Why did you decide to move to Ireland?

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Adam Wallace

9 years ago Adam went to Australia for a 'look' and ended up staying. He spent most of his time in a city called Toowoomba about one hour from Brisbane. He recently moved back in August and was placed by FRS Recruiter John Miller as an operator in Naas after just 1 week of arriving home.

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Leona is a Talent Acquisition Manager with FRS Recruitment who was living in Perth Australia until she made the move home to Ireland in October 2018. Why did you decide to move to Ireland? The pull of family after 10 years away became too strong to ignore, missing out on the small things all of a…

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