The Telecommunications Industry in Ireland


Tall grey towers started appearing across the country, lurking near schools and churches, scattering the landscape every few kilometres. Farmers not knowing if they were to fend off birds and children thinking there were obscuring their playground. For the few that knew what they were they signalled the beginning of a new era. The age of the mobile phone had arrived! To many the ability to contact those closest to you was revolutionary, to the suspecting, Big Brother had arrived!

Telecommunications has developed at a rapid pace with over 5000 base stations erected around the country to improve connectivity. For many nations telecommunications develops through different stages. Most developed countries would be in the advanced stages of telecommunications with high broadband speeds, LTE and 5G trials already taken place and the line between telecommunications and ICT becoming completely greyed. For Ireland telecommunications is between 2 stages of development resulting in a diverse set of skills being required.

The mobile industry

One would say Ireland is quite developed in the mobile telecommunications space. Most telecoms companies provide 4G (LTE) to users and have already begun 5G trials. The skillset for most operators is mainly related towards selling and packaging solutions for clients. Managed network services, managed mobility, Unified Communications and IP telephony are high on the skill set requirements. IP Engineers are high on the critical skills list with employers increasingly seeking this skill in the diaspora. Mobility solutions, networking engineers and presales abilities will find someone earning comfortably in the Irish market.

Radio access network has also taken a large growth with most vendors setting up office in Ireland. RAN Engineers with skill set ranging from design, integration, configuration, planning and optimisation are increasing rapidly.

Internet connectivity

As devices become smaller most consumers want the ability to access high speed internet to conduct business and personal communications. For the larger cities in Ireland this high-speed internet access has become a reality but unfortunately for most of rural and even more remote locations in the city connectivity is still very slow and some not even serviced by broadband. Hence the government proposing the national broadband plan. Although the plan may be a while in coming to fruition trenches are still being dug around the country to install these vital cables. Skills in fibre planning, fibre installation, field service work and back office functions are increasingly sought across the country. Locations include Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Carlow to name but a few.

Most agencies in Ireland do not have a hub that focuses specifically in the telecommunications sector but FRS Recruitment has managed to develop a dedicated resource in this area. We can connect you to your next telecommunications opportunity with strong relationships with leading telecommunications companies. Ireland needs to attract talent to help develop and bring the telecommunications sector up to centre of excellence standards.


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