The Future of Java Development in Ireland


The IT industry in Ireland is enjoying continuous growth with more and more multinationals choosing to settle in our country making Dublin and Ireland one of the leading tech hubs in Europe. The influx of start-ups and corporations means a rise in Java vacancies. With the continued demand for Graduates and experienced software developers, sourcing talent is a tough task, but the Irish employers are well equipped to handle the challenge

In recent publications both the and Job site put a list of the top hardest rolls to fill in Ireland. Unsurprisingly, Software Developers made the list with Senior Java Developers coming in at number one.

In short, The Java Development market in Ireland is booming and although it can be difficult to find people to fill roles at times, there is a big international market for highly skilled developers to choose from and they are choosing to move to Ireland for the great lifestyle, welcoming environment, culture and the vast career opportunities.  When asked why they want to move here, nine times out of 10 the answer is down to the fact that there are many more opportunities for developers as our country is home to some innovative and exciting companies.  As well as this, we are producing a high number of intelligent and creative graduates who are ready to make put their stamp on the development market.

There are plenty of opportunities for skilled Java Developers in Ireland and developers have a choice to work in a big bustling city (Dublin) or smaller cities (considered as large towns to most) such as Cork, Galway and Limerick.   There is no doubt that the Java Developer market in Ireland is on the up and will continue to rise as more companies realise the potential our country has to both welcome them in and provide them with a skilled workforce. Although Java Developer roles may be the hardest to fill right now it as a country we are in a great position to keep producing and attracting top-notch candidates.

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    That really sounds interesting. I just wonder if there would be position for graduates Software developer in Limerick. I am a final year student, currently doing an Internship until September 10th, and I am looking for a job.

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