Medical Device Sector Trends in Ireland


It's no secret that the medical technology sector has been a huge part of the Irish economy for the last 40 years. Today the industry accounts for 50% of our exports, which is a significant achievement when you consider that the first pharmaceutical companies opened in Ireland in the 1960s. The sector employs more than 50,000 people across all regions of the country with exports of more than €45bn each year.

Why Ireland?

What has attracted 8 out of the 10 biggest medical device companies in the world to invest in large manufacturing and R&D facilities in Ireland? Many of these companies are American-owned multinationals and we've always had a good relationship with our cousins across the pond. In addition, government policy has always been favourable to encouraging inward investment. Combine this with a young, well-educated workforce and major cities near port and airport links, it's easy to see why Ireland is such an attractive location to invest in. There is also a 'cluster effect' that is clear to see in our cities with multiple companies establishing themselves in close-proximity with each other, to have access to a deep pool of experienced workers.

What sort of jobs?

A quick glance of any Irish job website will show how many positions are available. I counted 2,500 live vacancies across the major job boards! Many of these would be in engineering and science - well paid, highly skilled jobs. But don't forget these are large multinational companies and there are many other positions with such companies including in in supply chain, IT, finance, sales and customer care.

What does the future hold?

84pc of life science leaders said attracting and retaining talent were the ‘most challenging’ issues affecting their businesses. Demographic changes mean that less people are entering the workforce and we are now facing a severe skills shortage for engineers and other professionals in the medical device sector. This is good news for candidates - for example, a Quality Engineer or R&D Engineer could expect to find open positions with most of the major multinational companies at any time of the year.

Looking ahead, there will undoubtedly be challenges for the Irish economy - Brexit being the most notable event on the horizon. The good news is that this is unlikely to affect the medical technology sector in a negative way, in fact many companies report an inward flow of applicants from the UK, keen to move to Ireland which will be the English-speaking country left in the EU. Even during the dark days of the 2010s, medical device companies continued to hire.

As the population in the Western world ages and the advances in medical technology increases, all the data indicates that the future for employment in the medical device sector is very bright indeed. High-skilled and well-paid jobs are available in all parts of Ireland in a rewarding sector where the work you do makes a real difference to patient's lives.

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