Ireland is Hiring: Talent Shortages and Opportunities

Ireland is hiring episode 2

Our Ireland is hiring campaign was created in 2018 to share information and advice to Irish expats thinking of moving home. This campaign was launched when we held information events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, along with our Free flights home offer for Irish Expats. Due to the success of this campaign, this year we announced our partnership with the GAAGO app, the GAA’s online service for Irish Expats worldwide. This partnership with the GAAGO will run for 3 years and as part of this partnership, we have introduced our Ireland is hiring webinar series for Irish expats. This way, we can share advice and information to Irish Expats all over the world.

In the second episode of our Ireland is hiring webinar series, we spoke about opportunities and talent shortages in the Irish market. This webinar was hosted by Derek Perill and included FRS specialised Recruiters, Miriam, Eithne, Darragh, Leona, Feargus and Niamh discussing what was happening in their industry and what Irish expats could expect when searching for jobs in Ireland. This episode also included a poll "Do you believe you will secure a new job in Ireland in the next 12 months?" and 92.3% of expats chose yes! 

IT Recruitment agency Ireland

Darragh O’Brien, IT Division

IT has been the least effected industry by Covid, in fact, the tech industry in some parts has grown. Many companies now need to have a lot more online presence and therefore, are hiring more people in IT to help with these changes and with more people working remotely.

Roles in Demand

Project Management/ PMO is now in demand as many projects that were put on hold in March are now starting again.

Software developers has remained in high demand throughout the year.

.Net/ Java will continue to be a highly demanded skillset due to the talent shortage in Ireland.

Ruby and Python developers are newly required skillsets which have come about since Covid as well as Technical support.

Contract roles are up 55% since March.

Industry growth

Telecoms, online, and Medical devices are the areas with huge growth at the moment for hiring IT staff.

More large multinationals are offering remote working opportunities. Those who have HQ in Dublin now have employees based all over Ireland. There is opportunity for Irish expats who want to relocate back to rural Ireland and work remotely. In fact, 60/70% of our jobs are now offering remote working and we expect this will continue in the future.

Engineering recruitment agency Ireland

Feargus Young, Technical Engineering Division

Partnering with our clients since 1980, we primarily support the pharma, med device, food, electronics, and general manufacturing sectors.

Impacts of Covid on Tech Eng

Back in March in the wake of the Pandemic beginning and the resulting lockdown we certainly saw some volatility in our client’s recruitment plans however, things have started opening up again and the Tech Eng  sector has ramped up considerably.

There have  been a number of  new companies opening up since March that we are currently supporting and most of our segments are still very busy and continuing to actively recruit e.g. medical device, pharma, biotech, lab, food production etc.

Roles in demand

During  the past 6 months we have continued to see a big demand for particular skillsets and professions including Lab Technicians for the Food sector, Quality professionals across all manufacturing sectors, Safety engineers, Validation engineers, Packaging professionals & 3D Printing engineers for the Med Device sector along with GMP Chemistry professionals and Documentation Analytical Reviewers working in the lab with our Pharma & Biopharma clients.

Types of organisations

In Life Science the number of new roles that have been coming in from our multi-national client base has continued to be steady and we have also been getting plenty of new jobs coming in from our SME client across the country.

Growth Regions

We have been consistently registering and filling jobs nationwide since the start of the year and have seen a big demand for candidates across the country but especially for Cork, Galway, Dublin, Limerick, Tipperary, the Midlands & the South East. Based on the feedback we are getting from our clients, we forecast these trends continuing for the next 18-24 months.

Construction recruitment agency Ireland

Miriam O’Hara, Construction Division

Increase in positions since Mid-July in certain sectors of construction. Civil, M&E in particular, is quite strong at the minute and essential work such as the roll out of national broadband Ireland, rail, road and Irish water projects are going ahead ora are underway however, residential and commercial has slowed down. Opportunities however, is dependent on the specialism of a candidate and Miriam advises to tailor your CV and keep it in line to projects you are applying for. Salaries for these roles has relatively stayed the same with some roles only decreasing by 8-10% since Covid. The biggest shift since Covid is we are seeing roles are more largely spread all over the country. SME are coming to the fore more so than the tier one firms. Roles are filling quicker and companies are more open to doing online interviews.

Roles in Demand

Roles that are still very high in demand are BIM, Quantity Surveyor and Project Management.

healthcare recruitment agency Ireland

Eithne Vaughan Witts, Healthcare Division

We work with both the public and private healthcare sectors and within both there is a very much back to business approach, both public and privates are hiring doctors, AHP and nurses. Public and private hospitals did merge for a short time to offer support during in initial Covid-19 surge but have they have now separated and are busy. Elective surgeries are back on track, and the hospitals are working hard to deal with the patients on waiting lists.

Impacts of Covid

There is a slower turnaround time between procedures within hospitals and clinics, this is as a result of the protocols required to keep patients and staff safe, so there is ongoing and increased need for highly skilled theatre nurses, ICU staff and oncology staff.

One of the acknowledged side effects of the lockdown and of Covid-19 has been an increased awareness of the need to offer support to people suffering from mental health issues.  We have seen increased recruitment in the mental sector to support these effects of Covid-19 and there has been an increase in the number of psychiatry doctors and nurses recruited, as well as social workers, care workers and support workers. 

Doctor Vacancies

Our public teaching hospitals rotate their training roles, resulting in two main recruitment dates – January and July. Current trends have deviated from this hiring cycle, with the uncertainty that Covid-19 brought to the healthcare sector this year, many doctors remained on contract and didn’t move on to new opportunities. This resulted in less open roles being available to doctors not currently working in the system in July, however, it is anticipated that the next rotation will see the demand for new doctors increase substantially. It is also anticipated that many of the doctors currently waiting to take up overseas training roles will leave the country, thereby creating movement and opportunities within Irish hospitals. Our hospitals love to see Irish doctors returning to take up posts.

Roles in Demand

Emergency Medicine/Oncology/Anaesthetics/Paediatrics/Obstetrics and Gynaecology/Psychiatry and Surgery. Salaries will depend on experience, with top of salary scale for Registrars being €67K, but the inclusion of overtime/on call allowances bringing at least another 30% on top of basic salary.

Nursing Shortages

Hospital Nursing Shortages, Medical Surgical, ICU, Theatre, Oncology, Cardiac ICU / Cardiology, General Nurses

There is excellent training provided so nurses with transferable skills may be considered however, employers are looking for NMBI registered nurses only with strong clinical experience.

FRS Recruitment is working with Public & Private hospitals nationwide, all offering very competitive packages, location allowances / specialist area allowance payable on top of salary per annum. Flexible working hours and training programmes offered for nurses coming from a less clinical background.

Elderly Health Care Nursing

We are seeing a lot of movement across all positions (HCAs, Nurse, Nurse Managers) in the private Care of the elderly sector and Community Nursing as many Nurses and HCAs moved to HSE in the last few months as HSE started to recruit again.

Allied Health Professional Shortages

Main roles we recruit for are Radiographers, including Basic Grade (Plain Film X-Ray), MRI, CT and Ultrasound (Sonographers), Sonographers are difficult to get in Ireland and we often have to look at overseas candidates for these roles. Sonographers with vascular and gynaecology experience are in demand.

Cardiac & Respiratory Physiologists are also roles we recruit for regularly across Ireland. We often look abroad or try and attract Irish expats back to Ireland to fill these roles.

Most hospitals seek Irish/UK experienced medical scientists. The most sought-after specialities at the moment are microbiology and histology.

FRS Recruitment has a dedicated compliance department, and we can help with all aspects of your relocation to Ireland. We offer advice and support on the registration process relevant to your sector – IMC/CORU/IICM/ etc.

temporary recruitment agency in Ireland

Niamh Kavanagh, Temporary Division

FRS Recruitment provides Commercial and Industrial Temporary staff for short, medium- and Long-term assignments Nationwide from small SMEs to Multinational clients. Covid-19 has and is still causing disruptions to workers and businesses in Ireland with many working from home while others in Retail, hospitality are temporarily laid off. However, there are also many industries experiencing demand for staff on a temp basis due to the current pandemic.

Industry Growth

We are seeing growth in the temp market since mid-July to date. There are also more temp to perm fills, which is very positive and shows that clients are very much valuing their temporary workers.

Sector Changes

Admin and finance staff are working from home and in some cases a prerequisite to work from home or a blend of both. This has really increased a wider skills pool for clients as candidates do not have to work within a commutable distance and also gives greater flexibility to candidates.

Industries we cover for temporary roles:

Medical + Healthcare

Doctors, Nurses ,  Allied health professionals , Clerical + Administration, Finance

Supply Chain + Logistics

Warehouse personnel, Drivers, Admin + Finance, Sales order processing

Medical devices

Production, Admin + finance, QA

Science & Pharma

Production, Admin + Finance, scientists, procurement


Labourers , Machine operators, admin + finance.

sales marketing accounting and HR recruitment agency Ireland

Leona Fawl, Commercial Division

Leona returned to Ireland after working in Australia for over 10 years and was surprised by the amount of diverse roles that were offered when she applied to agencies. Ireland pre and post Covid is still offering experienced candidates a wealth of opportunities returning to the Irish Workforce.

The roles that we recruit within our Commercial division would be within the areas of Sales Finance Accounts HR and Marketing.

There has been an increase in roles in the areas of Finance, Accounts, Legal, GDPR and Compliance. Within the agricultural sector we have seen a steady increase in roles in the areas of Accountants, Technical Sales Managers, Operations Manager, Mart Managers, Counter Sales, Mill/Agri Production, Wholesale & Distribution.

Geographical Trends in Commercial

The business parks in the greater Dublin area are hiring however, Dublin CBD is still quiet.                                                        

In the Midlands, the SME’s are still recruiting with a surge in the need for Agri Mechanics and Diesel Fitters which will lead to more support roles for commercial in the future.

The west of the country we are recruiting more within Financial Services with clients such as AIB, Bank of Ireland, Pepper, Northern Trust.

Roles in Demand

As an overview Commercial roles for unskilled jobs have been impacted from Covid however, the high end qualified roles such as Accountants, FS, Senior Sales, Operations Managers, Analysts, Digital Marketing and practices (legal, Tax etc) are expected to remain in high demand. 

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