Brexit and the Construction Sector 2020

Brexit - Miriam

With the Brexit deadline looming, many of us are still unsure what to expect or the effects it will have on the Irish economy. We asked our Construction and Engineering Recruiter about the trends that happened over the past 12 months and what she thinks will happen in the Construction sector this year. 

What is important to candidates when considering a new job?

Candidates are looking for location over salary. More roles are in demand in Limerick than any other city currently, yet it has the lowest amount of construction roles open.

Is there any legislation changes that will impact your industry in 2020?

nZEB is the most current of amendments to be made within Construction. The Irish Government is implementing the Energy Performance Building Directive in 2020. This has been recast through revised building regulations for homes which came into force in November 2019. This means that any dwelling receiving planning permission after 1st November should meet the nZEB standard.

Do you have any advice for hiring managers?

Try to consider staff with similar skills if possible. Oil and Gas candidates for example are proving to be quite successful on water and pharma projects. Don’t be afraid to meet people, you never know until you meet them. The 100% fit might not be available, but a 70% fit might bring more experience from another sector.

What are the biggest changes in your sector from start of 2019 to now?

More overseas candidates with EU passports have applied for roles.


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