Team building 101: a guide

team building

When you are in the process of recruiting you’d be forgiven for thinking that process ends when you’ve secured the best person for the job. In fact, successful recruitment extends way beyond getting someone in the door.

If you’ve filled a position with the perfect hire, you still have to help them function as part of a complete team. Teams have to work together as a unit with the same goals in mind so that you’re all working to win.

The art of team building is one that is overlooked but actually sits at the heart of driving your business forward and holding on to great talent. Let’s take a look at the mentality that prioritises a great team to build the path to success.

It’s not just about the CV

On paper, some candidates appear perfect. So perfect, in fact, that an interview sometimes feels like a formality you have to get out of the way. However, creating a great team is about much more than ticking every skill off a list.

You want people with the perfect mind-set and a vision for their career that aligns with your company’s mission. Potential for learning, dedication and flexibility are essential characteristics to help your team stand out. You can teach skills, so keep your senses heightened for that special X-factor that will give your team an edge!

Show them how it’s done

If you sit and really think about how you lead your team, can you honestly say that you inspire your people? People can sniff out hypocrisy from a mile off and leading by the maxim “Do as I say, not as I do” is the perfect way to alienate your team and sacrifice respect you may have built.

Whatever behaviour you wish to see from your team, you have to model it first. If you establish a culture that prioritises excellence, starting with you, then your staff will naturally follow! You have to lead by example, not just hold other accountable for behaviour you set out for them.

Set your sights high

Every team has its limits, but that should never stop them from striving to achieve more. You should never stop a team, or member within that team, from innovating and being daring in their thinking. Punching above your weight doesn’t have to be a negative thing and a team that strives for more is one that produces revolutionary solutions.

Clarify your goals

A team that functions well have to all be pulling in the same direction. If you’re not clear in your goals then how can you expect your team to be? Everyone needs to know what they’re working towards, both as individuals and as a team, and they need to buy-in to your vision. Honesty and clarity is essential.

Practise the art of communication

Don’t wait for something to go wrong before you start talking to your team. Not only does that create an atmosphere of negativity, but authentic feedback can help people perform with flexibility and agility. Continuous feedback will enable a team attitude of striving for greatness.

Celebrate the wins

Business is full of uncertainties. Reflecting on your achievements with your team is just as important as fixing your weaknesses. The effort and perseverance of your team deserves to be recognised and analysed for their future growth.

A manager is only ever as successful as the team behind them. Invest in them and you will reap the rewards, as well as inspiring a whole group of talent to push further and exceed expectations. It all begins with prioritising team building!

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