How to work effectively with your Recruitment Partner

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The Devil is in the Detail

When developing your job spec, sit down and really think about the content, the duties and goals for this role. The more thorough and specific you can be, the more accurate we can be with the CV's we send.

You will also need to consider the non tangible aspects for example, your new hire needs to fit the culture of your company because without this, regardless of their skill set.. they won’t last.

Meet with your Recruiter

Meeting your recruiter at your offices and working environment gives the consultant the opportunity to get a better understanding of your company, the business and the culture, thereby having a better idea of what exactly you need and what types of personalities will thrive.

The Art of Communication

Keep the flow of communication open at all times. Your recruiter may get it wrong on the first couple of CV's as they continue to get to know you. The worst thing you can do is simply ignore their emails. Give them feedback, talk to them about what’s missing or where you think there is a lack of fit.


Remember – if your recruiter doesn’t make a successful placement, they don’t get a fee, so if you choose to work with a recruitment consultant, then ensure to commit and get the best result!


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