Attracting talent on social media: getting it right online


Social media is no longer just a place for individuals to connect with their friends and family and post their holiday photos (although it is great for all of those things!) Social media is now unavoidable for most businesses. Having an online presence is a must in these increasingly digital times.

Recruitment has not missed this evolution and social media actually provides a brilliant platform from which to start engaging with great talent to join your organisation. This is particularly true of graduates, the Facebook generation are starting to fill up the talent pool and speaking to them on their terms is becoming increasingly important.

We’re going to look at some of the best ways to get started as a recruiter online, helping you to start attracting some of the best and brightest in your industry.

Find where your candidates live online

You need to get a grasp on the best social networks from which to start engaging with talent. LinkedIn is an obvious choice as it’s a network that’s designed specifically for recruiting, and people go there with their career in mind, whether they are passive or active candidates. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have a strong brand presence on LinkedIn.

However, other major networks have specific strengths in different areas. Twitter is brilliant for reaching a wider audience as well as a ‘listening’ tool. You can follow hashtags or build lists based on different topics that will allow you invaluable insight into what your candidate base is talking about, reading and looking for.

It would be hard to ignore Facebook here. While building a large following is slightly harder on Facebook, what it’s brilliant for is sharing content and starting conversations with people. If you can present yourself as a valuable source of information online you’re far more likely to build a brand that people enjoy, trust and could see themselves working for.

Start conversations and add some value

The worst thing a brand can do online is talk about itself incessantly. One of the pillars of online etiquette is starting genuine conversations about topics of interest that you and your audience share and pushing the break on lots of sales messages. Starting discussions can be tricky but if you’re in the right place the opportunity is likely to present itself.

When it comes to providing insights, blogging is your best friend and there is no better place to share your writing then on your social media channels. Some networks, LinkedIn being the primary example, let you publish your content on the platform itself. However, sharing links to your content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest is a great way to offer potential candidates your insights and generating conversations around hot topics in your field.

Share your success stories

Make sure you use your social platforms to showcase what makes you unique and a great company to work for. That could be through a series of case studies, highlighting your employee training programme or discussing your diverse employee base.

However you choose to do it, social media is the perfect way to remind your potential candidate base of your value as a potential employer. One thing top talent in the digital age appreciates is a brand with a strong sense of ‘self’ and who take their employees development seriously.

Here at FRS we have over 35 years of experience in recruitment across Ireland and one of the biggest evolutions in recruitment is the advent of social media. Whatever your opinions of it on a personal level (it’s not for everyone), as a brand it’s a mistake to underestimate its power. If you truly get behind your social media platforms and put best practice advice to good use, you’re sure to see a transformation in the quality of your candidates.

If you’re keen to learn about how to build your brand in the social media age, or if you wish to discuss any of your recruitment needs then be sure to contact one of our friendly team. Our years of experience mean that we have advice and insights to help you find the best talent in your industry

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