5 Musts When Creating Your Employer Branding Video


There are countless convincing and irresistible reasons for companies to create employer branding videos with the most ambitious companies possibly developing their own employer YouTube channels. With the emerging 4G trend and the 5-inch screens smartphones, job seekers will undoubtedly be ravenously consuming video content. So it is up to employers to feed the new, more insightful, lifestyle and culture conscious job seeker with top quality employer branding video content to enable them get familiar with and engage with the company. If you plan to draw in top modern talent, you have to display your company culture and one of the best ways to do this is by means of a great employer branding video. Below are 5 steps to help you do this effectively:

1. Set a goal

Setting a goal is the starting point for your video. What exactly is the reason for your video?  A goal will definitely influence decisions all through the creation of your video, make sure it stays on the message. Investing in employer branding videos have enormous potentials and can actually increase the return on investment to a level you never imagined.

2. Define your audience

 Like any marketing effort or any campaign, you have to establish your target group for your video. You might be trying to target a particular profession, skill set, industry, attitude, country, seniority level, and so on? As soon as you know your target audience it would greatly determine the design and development of your video, making the outcome appealing to your target audience.

3. Be authentic

Ensure that your message is genuine and is the same as the reality of your business. When you just concentrate on the fun and good sides of the business which does not really reflect your environment, the new employee could feel misled and eventually leave. Make an effort to use your own people in the video – and not just the camera lovers. Encourage involvement from all the sectors of your business.

4. Your video should be short and rich

How long should your video be?

A significant percentage of viewers click away from videos after 60 seconds. Keep in mind that people are more likely to share a 4-minute video over a video that is 15-30 minutes long. Mobile phone users will happily watch 7-10 minutes long video. So it is ideal that employer branding video should be 7-10 minutes long or less, it should be straight to the point and informative.

5. Create impact and action

The best employer branding videos include some sort of emotion, be that wonder, amazement, intrigue, joy, laughter and so on. For instance, if you happen to be a brand that is anticipating meeting opposition from your target audience or your brand has been tarnished somehow with a particular group, humor can certainly help you overcome the stiff resistance to your marketing effort.

Having made your impression in the video it would most likely result in more inquiries or application rate, which you need to monitor. This then enables you to measure your video performance rate against your first objectives. 

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