Welcome new technology, same old people…

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This is our new website and it is 35 years in the making. Back in 1980 when FRS was established it took nearly 2 weeks to process a job application when C.V.’s were hand written with perfectly crafted cover notes. Job applicants applied to Personnel departments not HR Departments and their curriculum vitae was crafted with perfect grammar. Today our new website can be accessed on a smart phone and a c.v. uploaded while you are commuting, watching TV or even having a bath. This new website has been built with our customer (that’s you) in mind. We have tried to make it look good but not at the expense of speed or making the application process laborious or complex.

The site is primarily focused on delivering jobs to you that you are interested in but also helping you make informed decisions on what jobs are best for you and also advice and content on how to navigate the recruitment process.

We don’t advertise every vacancy on our website (because our first port of call is our applicant database when sourcing candidates for a job) so we recommend that you sign up to our job alert ( link ) so we can add you to our database and send you our vacancies as employers pass them to us.

The technology of recruitment may have changed dramatically over the past 35 years (and it does make us feel old) but the common thread in great recruitment companies is people. As you will see from our people page ( Link ) our recruiters are some of the most experienced and talented  in Ireland. We have retained our staff because our values as a cooperative organisation allow all of our staff to work with a singular vision of great customer service and the thrill of placing you, our customers into great jobs and great careers .

We welcome feedback (good and bad) so please give us a pat on the back on social media if we do a good job (or a slap on the wrist if your experience with us isn’t great).

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