Rowing together as one - an overview of the FRS summer party



FRS Recruitment team members gathered together in Cork in late July and celebrated a successful year of business growth and achievements.

One of the main highlights was the team building event manged by Crew Class, which saw members of our 10 offices learn to row and race against each other and #pulllikeadog whilst supporting a great cause - Irish Professional Rower Sanita Puspure's pursuit to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Sanita recently opened the Cork franchise of Crew Class and receives great financial support with each booking. We were delighted to be Sanita's first event booking and have the opportunity to support her journey to the Olympics.

Here's what our Cork team had to say about the day:

What you expected?

"I've never rowed before so I had no idea what to expect. Boy, it was far more physically exhausting than I expected. I have a new found respect for all rowers, amateur and professional. I'll never look at the rowers on the River Lee on a Sunday morning in the same way again." Leo Cordingley 

"To meet all the newbies and reacquaint myself with the other “old saltys!” Mandy Devlin 

"A better understanding of the scale of the organisation, what we are trying to achieve and how we performed in the last 12 months along with an opportunity to get to know my colleagues in a less formal environment." Feargus Young 

"A chance to put a face to the LinkedIn profile" Marchon Monroe 

What you got

"It was good fun, the lashing rain and wind didn't help my team, and we did veer off in the strong current towards the Port of Cork. I did expect to see the coast of France at one point, but fortunately, we made it back to land in one piece" Leo 

"A well organised day and night out and more food than I needed!" Mandy

"A whistle and all of the above!" Feargus 

"Good laughs with colleagues" Marchon 

"My first ever FRS day out was fantastic, I’m sure the night was too! I got to have great fun at the rowing with the whole team and got a great insight into the fantastic culture FRS has!" James 


What you learnt

"That our office has a fun bunch of people working together" Mandy 

"How to blow the aforementioned whistle and to pace myself when drinking in the future! I also learnt a lot more about the different sectors that we recruit in across the various offices." Feargus 

"That I’m not cut out for team rowing, but work with a fun group of people" Marchon 

"The morning session was really interesting too, I got a great understanding about the whole FRS Network! I also learned a lot about myself, and how I cannot go on any longer without watching Monty Python (thanks Noelle)."  James 

What you enjoyed

"Getting to meet the new people and hanging out with them" Mandy

"Meeting all the FRS staff and getting to socialise with people that I normally only speak to over the phone or by email" Feargus 

"Loved that everyone was up for anything and just had a good time!" Marchon 

"It was great as a new member of the FRS team to meet all the other recruiters from the different offices and greatly helped me feel part of the team." Leo


What it meant to you

"FRS is a great company to work for." Mandy

"I felt it was a great opportunity to connect with everyone in the company and I also really enjoyed gaining a better understanding of the organisation as a whole." Feargus

"It was awesome to have the company organize such a fun outing from the beginning to the end of the day! The venue was awesome -such a fun time in the penthouse, great food and open bar…couldn’t ask for more! Thanks!" Marchon 

"Overall I really enjoyed the whole day start to finish, it was great getting to meet everyone and can’t wait for the next day out! " James 

What you didn’t enjoy/ would prefer next time

"Enjoyed it all – the rain didn’t matter, it was great fun and I will never look at the rowers on the Lee again without realising how hard it is!" Mandy

"Enjoyed all aspects of the day and think something along the same lines would work very well in the future." Feargus

"I didn’t enjoy the kids playing the barron and tin whistle outside of my hotel room door at 8am" Marchon 


Docklands Regatta

On the 29th September, the Crew Class team in association with FRS Recruitment will host the second annual Docklands Regatta at Hanover Quay, Dublin. This unique team building experience is inclusive for all levels of fitness and ability, with each crew receiving a private rowing lesson, coaching and a mentor who will join them on the water.

 The FRS Recruitment Cork Team

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