FRS Women Attend the NWED Annual Event 2018

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Yesterday 18th of November 2018, six of our FRS Women attended a National Enterprise Women’s Day Event where they celebrated the hard working, talented and ambitious females of Ireland. Louise, Aisling, Niamh, Erin and Caroline attended the Laois, Offaly, Westmeath and Longford event with a panel that included some of Irelands most inspirational females such as Barbara Heslin, Ciara Donlon, Dr Ciara Kelly, Louise Lovett, Dr.  Catherine Roycroft. Miriam O’Hara attended the event in Kilkenny where she had the honour to hear from Catherine Roycroft, Dr Sinead Kane and Deirdre O'Kane. No doubt all six women left feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take on the world! Have a read below about each of their experience and what they plan to take away from it. 


Louise Glennon:

Left yesterday’s event feeling inspired, so much so she even started back to yoga last night!

Louise enjoyed hearing about the challenges these successful women face as it reminded her of how similar they can be to what we all come up against.

Her takeaways are:

“What we focus on grows” Quote by Ciara Donlon made her think about the importance of not allowing ourselves to focus on our failures and instead to focus on the end goal.

Dr Ciara Kelly’s spoke about the importance of asking for advice. She also advised not to rely on others to support us, as we are responsible for making our own path in life.

Another piece of advice Louise plans to implement is that nutrition, sleep, exercise and self-care are key ingredients to success and to take risks by saying yes more even if she’s unsure.


Aisling Murray:

Her biggest impact from the event was how to manage stress.

Her takeaways are:

To make the gap smaller between what you should do or are expected to do and what is attainable. Aisling hopes that this will make her tasks more manageable and stress free.


Niamh Kavanagh:

Appreciated that the speaker had an honest and down to earth practical approach and attitude to empower success, she felt it was a breath of fresh air.

Her takeaways are:

To know your goal is the important aspect of success, as all obstacles along the way can be bypassed and overcome once determined to do so. “If one door won’t open, go around the back and try the window!” 

Take risks and come out of your comfort zone. 

It’s Important to look after ourselves mentally and physically by diet, sleep and a positive attitude. 

Overall as women we should support each other in business and to voice our intentions.


Caroline Ryan:

Also left with a lot of new advice she plans to implement.

Her takeaways are:

Getting out of your comfort zone is important and builds strength and empowers you once you do it. Asking for help is very important and finding someone to mentor you is a good approach. Take time for yourself even if it is to only read a chapter or two or do an activity for half an hour, do something that will boost your mentally but also gets you out of you head space. And that women need to be more vocal on their goals to get what they want. 


Miriam O’Hara:

Had an absolute ball and found the event to be remarkable!

Her takeaways are:

From Catherine Roycroft COO for Cartoon Saloon Kilkenny about the importance of asking for help and sticking to your guns.

From Dr Sinead Kane, Double PhD doctorate, solicitor, Guinness world record holder and visually impaired athlete. Miriam learned that with perseverance, anything is possible.

Deirdre O'Kane spoke about the start of her comedic career to her current fame and how she juggles work and family while aging gracefully. Miriam learned that focusing on the truly important things will bring her the most joy. 



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