FRS Recruitment Has a New Brand Identity

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 “It’s not just a paint job, more of a refurbishment built on the solid foundations of 40 years of experience”

From the outside looking in it probably looks like a small change, a few little tweaks, different colours, shinier!

However, our new brand identity is the result of over 18 months of work we have been doing in the background on the transformation of our business.

We decided to undertake  this transformation in 2018 in order to exponentially grow our recruitment business. FRS Recruitment has been experiencing organic growth of 10-20% over the last 5 years but we wanted to set ourselves bigger targets.

The first thing we did was enlist some outside help: Kevin Green is a renowned recruitment, HR and transformation expert who had overseen change at the Royal Mail, The Recruitment and Employment Confederation and many other businesses on a consultancy basis.

With Kevin, we analysed our business and looked at it’s many strengths and some weaknesses.

Firstly, we looked at our ‘reason for being’ and the ‘why’. Unlike a lot of organisations this turned out to be relatively easy. FRS Recruitment is a co-operative recruitment company, a real social enterprise that reinvests its profits back into the business. Our business is not just about the bottom line but about changing peoples lives with our clients and stakeholders.

Kevin pushed us to find our ‘why’ mission and we did, “to help the world work better.”

In order to articulate this mission and also to articulate the values that underpin it, we enlisted the help of Red Dog Design and Mary Doherty, a specialist creative brand agency.

This was a realistic process to undertake as it involved Red Dog working with our people at all levels to get under the bonnet of what makes FRS Recruitment so special.

The team worked for over a number of months to articulate our values, which underpin our culture and we operate as a business; Integrity, Intelligent Innovation, Customer Champions, Flexibility, Fairness and Diversity.

These values sum up how we work with our customers and our people.

Working out our values made us challenge how we operate and has resulted in us implementing a lot of change within the organisation.

Firstly, we looked at how we recruit and train internally and implemented a robust recruitment drive underpinned by a new induction and learning and development plan. We invested in systems like social talent to ensure our recruiters have the necessary skills to be the best in the industry.

In order to ensure our customer experience world class service we have implemented an operational excellence programme developed and facilitated by Chris Moore a veteran of the recruitment industry.

This programme will see us measure the service we provide to our customer and candidates and see our chance to be recognised as delivering a world class recruitment service.

A lot of the organisations get fixated with the ‘tag lines’ and can make the mistake of starting with the tag line instead of their values. We left this until last and it was surprisingly easy to come up with, I believe, because of this:

Our tag line encapsulate all we do to our clients, candidates, temps and employees. Our social purpose and co-operative ethos means we always go the extra mile, we are made different…


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